Oprah's Favorite Things for the 2015 Holiday Season
Dec 2015 – Oprah

Finest Chocolate Truffles for Chocolate Lovers
Nov 2014 – Forbes

Xocolatti invited to U.S Department of State
Sep 2014 – U.S. Department of State
Xocolatti Slates featured at U.S Department of State Luncheon hosted by Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State John Kerry for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

America's Best Chocolate Shops
Feb 2014 - Fodor's Travel and Yahoo 

USA Gold and Americas Silver for Passion Fruit Truffle
Sep 2013 - International Chocolate Awards

Americas Grand Jury Finalist for Milk Chocolate Truffle Category
Jun 2013 - International Chocolate Awards 

Best Chocolate in the U.S
Feb 2013 - Food and Wine

Top 10 Chocolatier in the U.S
Dec 2012 - Dessert Professional Magazine



The Sweetest Valentine's Day Gifts from Style Sprinter – ‘From rose petals decorated pieces to sparkly gold dust creations, Xocolatti truffles taste as remarkable as they look.'

Something Old, Something New from Huffington Post – ‘The sweets in this shop are far more than exotic indulgences. They reflect refinement and artistry. One truffle is delicately decorated with minuscule bits of rose petals. Each piece of this Aztec food of the gods is handmade in Port Chester, New York. “Chocolate Reimagined” is the motto on the Xocolatti business card: xocolātl reimagined, it is indeed.’

Treats that Dazzle from Robb Report – ‘Each treat from Xocolatti is a tiny treasure.’

Xocolatti – A Modern Chocolatier in Manhattan, NY from Gracious Living – ‘This so chic Soho boutique, founded by the young entrepreneur Shaineal Shah, reinvented chocolate! The modern chocolatier sells the most incredible […] couture sweets with a magical Indian touch.’

Xocolatti from The Review Connection – ‘Each truffle is individually designed and crafted by hand, guaranteeing a small, artful creation that awakens senses with taste and distinct texture. Both playful and sophisticated, complex in flavor but simply delicious, Xocolatti uses only the finest ingredients.’

Indian Additions to NYC’s Chocolate Scene from The New York Times – ‘[Mr. Shaw] runs the show and makes each piece by hand, starting at 7 a.m. every day at a factory in Port Chester, New York. “The philosophy behind my chocolate is that it should please all of your senses,” he said. “Each piece has a different color, smell and texture.” ‘

Love, Art, and Chocolate from Babson Magazine – ‘Shah says his whole family is full of foodies. “When I make a flavor, everyone is criticizing it,” he says, “but that helps us perfect the flavor.” ’

Best New Sweet Shops from Travel + Leisure: ‘Truffles as seen through the eyes of a jeweler’s son.’

Chocolate Wunderkind Sets Up Shop In Soho from Insatiable Critic - ‘Although he grew up in Scarsdale, New York much of the chocolate sold in Xocolatti is inspired by Shah's Bombay heritage. For example, the 23-year-old cocoa prodigy and his mother hand make “slates” of chocolate, paint them with dried chiles and pieces of dried mango, rose petals and nuts.’

NYC’s Worldly Confectioners from the New York Post - ‘[O]wner Shaineal Shah sells couture chocolates influenced by his Indian palate.’

Xocolatti to Open Next Week from Grub Street – ‘[Shaw] considers his profession “like being a mad scientist.” ’

Chocolate Show New York 2010 from The Experimental Gourmand – ‘The look of the chocolates was enticing enough with their simple but lovely packaging and well-crafted confections. To get to try a sake-infused truffle was something else indeed. Unlike the rum or bourbon balls of old, which still frighten me to this day, the liquor in this sweet was smooth and subtle.’