Xocolatti (choco-latti), comes from the ancient Aztec word xocolātl, when it was believed that cacao was a food of the gods (with good reason). A rare luxury then, the Aztec put deep thought into its preparation and ensured its consumption was always marked with great pomp and solemnity. Today, with every artfully hand-sculpted masterpiece, our master chocolatiers display the same respect for this culinary treasure as our ancestors.

Marrying time-honored craft and edgy innovation, our chocolate confections are recognized the world over for their capacity to change how even the most devoted of chocolate-lovers thinks of their favorite treat. Drawing on the richness of life’s experiences for inspiration, we carefully source cacao beans and creatively-indulgent flavorers from across the globe, then transform these fragments of life into stunning truffles and barks.

Experience chocolate reimagined. Experience Xocolatti.