Uncommon Collection (Exotic)

  • Uncommon Collection (Exotic)

Uncommon Collection (Exotic)

From Rose Cardamom to Olive Oil Basil, it’s clear Xocolatti never settles for the common. Every one of these exciting truffles tells an intoxicating story of exotic roots, pushing the boundaries of chocolate as you know it. This truly unique collection perfectly epitomizes the novel persuasions that make Xocolatti truffles the new standard of gourmet chocolate. Includes: Champagne Brut, Olive Oil Basil, Orange Tangerine, Passion Fruit, Pineapple Habanero, Raspberry Hazelnut, Rose Cardamom, Rye Whiskey, and Sake.

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Champagne Brut - The effervescence of real champagne is captured in a sumptuous dark chocolate ganache, then dusted with fine sugar for the perfect finishing touch.

Olive Oil Basil - Two staples in Italian cooking inspire an unexpectedly elegant truffle. Our ganache is infused with farm fresh basil and Sicilian EVOO.

Orange Tangerine - Even the subtlest hint of citrus transforms a simple chocolate truffle into something entirely different. The fresh nectar of orange and tangerine is added to a dark chocolate ganache to create a perfectly refreshing experience. 

Passion Fruit - Pure passion fruit meets milk chocolate for a vibrant, exotic taste that conjures up visions of the rainforests in Brazil.

Pineapple Habanero – Sugar and spice and everything nice. A velvety milk chocolate ganache is sparked up with tangy pineapples and farm-fresh habanero peppers.

Raspberry Hazelnut - The dark chocolate, hazelnut praline ganache is mixed with chewy raspberry fruit jellies to create a delightful, delectable truffle - equal parts sweet and nutty.

Rose Cardamom - Considered “the queen of all spices,” cardamom is found in almost every household in India, its native country. We blend it with dark chocolate and infuse it with a rose petal compote for an unorthodox and aromatic truffle. A beautiful composition of flavors in one bite.

Rye Whiskey - A five-year aged whiskey collaborates with our signature dark chocolate to bring out citric and spicy notes of the Tennessee rye.

Sake – Infused with sake to create the silkiest texture, this dark chocolate ganache is inspired by Awamori, a rice wine unique to Okinawa