"You + Me" Gift Box

  • "You + Me" Gift Box

"You + Me" Gift Box

A great gift has the potential to be treasured, but it is the moments you share-a romantic dinner, a walk in the moonlight-that you two will treasure the most. The collection includes pairs of our most luxurious truffles, so you and your loved one can embark on this exploration of exotic flavors hand-in-hand. Includes our Champagne, Lavender, Malagasy, Passion Fruit, Raspberry Hazelnut, Rose Cardamom, Rye Whiskey, and Salted Caramel truffles.

All chocolates are made fresh to order, because we want our customers to have the best tasting experience. We make every effort to ship orders same day and, if not, at least within 48 hours. Learn more about our shipping policies.

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Champagne Brut (2x) – A toast to your love! The effervescence of real champagne is captured in a sumptuous dark chocolate ganache, then dusted with fine sugar for the perfect finishing touch.

Lavender (2x) – Aromatic dried lavender, sourced from the lavender farms of Maui, is infused in our signature dark chocolate ganache. Lose yourself in the gentle perfumery of the evening. Only available in our Valentine’s boxes.

Malagasy (2x) - A delicate bitterness gives way to soft hints of fruit in our single-origin cacao blend from Madagascar.

Passion Fruit (2x) – Milk chocolate meets pure passion fruit, aptly named by its discovers, for a tropical taste that conjures up steamy nights of samba in Rio.

Raspberry Hazelnut (2x) – Colored a vibrant, heart-on-your-sleeves red, this sensuous truffle mixes our dark chocolate, hazelnut praline ganache with chewy raspberry fruit jellies.

Rose Cardamom (2x) – Dark chocolate infused with a rose petal compote and blended with cardamom, “the queen of all spices.” Sure, roses make a great gift, but now you can have your roses and eat them to with this unorthodox and aromatic truffle.

Rye Whiskey (2x) - A five-year aged whiskey collaborates with our signature dark chocolate to bring out citric and spicy notes of the Tennessee rye.

Salted Caramel (2x) – A scrumptious caramel center is covered with silky milk chocolate, and crowned with just a sprinkle of fleur de sel, the very finest sea salt. Here’s to your relationship; let it be as perfect as the pairing of sweet & salty.