Chocolate is Magic

  • by shaineal shah


There is magic in chocolate, literally. A mere whiff, a whisper of chocolate immediately arouses our deepest, brightest memories of days gone by, or makes us salivate with intense desire for what’s to come. I mean honestly, what comes to your mind when you think of chocolate. Real fast; don’t think, just write it down.  (we’d love to hear your thoughts, email your response to us!).

Everything about chocolate is magic. Have you tried raw cacao?  it’s bitter, earthy, and dense (still yummy though). Through a couple of natural processes and additions, that cacao bean like Cinderella magically transforms. Chocolate, as we've come to enjoy, becomes creamy, warming, sensual, uplifting, and aromatic among other words.  It’s as if chocolate always meant to have a fairytale ending. 

Chocolate is even good for you, specifically dark chocolate is good for you. It has loads of antioxidants, can reduce blood pressure, it may lower heart disease, and even improve brain function, the list goes on. The point is, how is something so utterly enjoyable also so impressive for your health; like I said, magical.  

source: wizardingworld

One last thing, chocolate is therapeutic. Why do you think JK. Rowling used chocolate as a powerful antidote to ward off dementors in the Harry Potter books. No matter how bad your day gets, or how down you feel, that bite of chocolate will make you feel better, even if it's just for a second. That fleeting moment can improve your hour, that hour can better your day. It’s a domino effect.

With so many amazing and unreal qualities of chocolate, no wonder it’s been called food of the gods. Thank the gods we’re able to enjoy it.