You're probably thinking, what makes us so special?

In with the good

We like to put fresh, great-tasting food in our bodies. To eat well is to live well, we like to say here. Well, someone else likely said it first but... we echo the sentiment. Whole-heartedly.  

In fact, there is nothing we do half-heartedly. We meet the day’s smallest moments with attention and creativity; like grinding coffee beans by hand to unlock deeper flavors and using a martini shaker to get the smoothest iced coffee. 'Cause let's be serious. Meh coffee means a meh day and we like to stay between 'holy cow' and 'no freaking way' most days.

It turns out the secret to living well is pretty simple. Give your senses time to participate in the making of something - the growing, the grinding, the crafting. When you do, gratification becomes unlike any other. As partners - in culinary adventure and in life - that has always been our commitment to each other. And now to you.

Out for the best

By creating chocolate that asks for our full attention and grounds us in the present - we’re making sure we hold on to this elusive thing we’ve stumbled upon. This thing called joy. 

As a guest at our table, expect a little joy in every bite. Each box comes to you with the freshest ingredients, novel textures, imaginative flavors and fragrances, and is an awakening to the journey our chocolate has been on.

It's you time

But don’t take our word for it. We’re obsessive foodies who don’t know how to use a martini shaker. Try a box and see what your senses have to say. Because we are all worth it. (We may have borrowed that one too.)

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