how are these so addictive?
how fresh are your chocolates?
are your chocolates handmade?
what is the shelf life?
where are your chocolates made?
what base chocolate do you use?
Whats the best way to eat xocolatti chocolate?

It's only taken us a decade, tastings with hundreds of customers and hours of experimentation to create this incredibly satisfying chocolate. It's crunchy, light, chocolatey, smooth, creamy, all whilst being ridiculously easy to eat. Honestly you have to try it to experience it. Words just aren't enough. 

Our chocolates aren't shipped from other countries or made months in advance with artificial preservatives. Our chocolates are made fresh and shipped within 48 hours of being made so you can enjoy the chocolates almost as if sitting at the chef's table in our kitchen.

Yes, yes they are!

Around 6 months for clusters. For optimal freshness, please store the chocolates in a cool dry environment. A glass jar would be perfect, right beside your dining table or living room couch :)

New York!

We use Valrhona and Cacao Barry, however we often work with small premium chocolate producers for limited edition chocolates and collaborations.

There is no right way to eat our chocolate! Eat it like the cookie monster or slowly, deliberately eat it one bite at a time focusing on each morsel as it makes its way into your tasting pallete. Use your imagination. Let us know how you ate your chocolates by posting a story or post on instagram using #xocolikethis.

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